1st-Year Tatar (SLC 194)
Location: Kazan, Russia
For beginning students; no prerequisite. Knowledge of Russian strongly recommended.
2nd-Year Tatar (SLC 294)
Location: Kazan, Russia
Prerequisite: 1st-Year Tatar. Knowledge of Russian strongly preferred.


Related to Turkish, Tatar is spoken by approximately 5.7 million people in Tatarstan (Russian Federation). Smaller communities of Tatar speakers are spread throughout the neighboring regions of the Russian Federation. Tatar is one of the two official languages of Tatarstan, along with Russian. Primary and secondary education in Tatarstan is available in both Tatar and Russian. Higher education is conducted mostly in Russian.The status of Tatar in Tatarstan is being strengthened through promotion of the language, introduction of a Latin-based alphabet, purifying the Tatar lexicon and grammar of Russicisms.

(Source: UCLA Language Materials Project (

Tatar is written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Here is a sample:

Барлык кешеләр дә азат һәм үз абруйлары һәм хокуклары ягыннан тиң бупып туапар. Аларга акыл һәм вөҗдан бирелгән һәм бәр-бәрсенә карата туганнарча мөнасәбәттә булырга тиешләр.

(Source: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1, as cited by